Executive Search Process. Introduction to The Hospitality Resource Group International

Recently, The Hospitality Resource Group International has been asked by several clients to assist them in finding key executive personnel. As most of our clients know, this service is not the core component of our business. However, due to our vested interest in our client’s success, we have elected to provide this service. Our research shows that 50% of hires are mis-hires and that the cost of a mis-hire to a private club can be staggering. Additionally, it is our belief that most of the executive search firms in the industry do not perform nearly as well as they should.

Also, once an opening occurs, a club may be inundated with resumes and personal referrals. Our experience shows that almost everyone looks good on paper and how does one know if an individual would be a good fit for your club?

Should we be asked by a client to provide this service, we begin by a personal visit to the club, to identify the club’s characteristics, with respect to facilities, financial performance, governance, staff, current circumstances, reason for change, and expectations. We then develop a job description and compensation package. Finally, we determine what might be the best background (i.e. food and beverage, financial, general operations, recreation, marketing) for an incoming manager with respect to the client’s needs.

How we identify and present a candidate.
One of the first things that The Hospitality Resource Group International did to identify possible candidates for any position, was to develop a very comprehensive questionnaire relative to the position in question. All potential

candidates interested in the position are required to complete the questionnaire. Our experience shows that 75% of the candidates do not, for a wide variety of reasons. This process helps eliminate non-serious, or flawed candidates. The questionnaire was once referred to by a potential candidate as a “dissertation on club management”. Once a candidate has completed the questionnaire, we determine, based on our experience and our evaluation of your club’s circumstances, whether or not this candidate’s answers indicate that they might be a good “fit”, at which time our firm conducts a telephone interview with the candidate. If we still like a candidate, we then conduct a background check.

Based on the candidate’s background, answers to the questionnaire, and the telephone interview, we then put together a package on the candidate we feel would be right for the client. This package includes their resume, questionnaire answers, photo, our impressions from the telephone interview, and previous employer input.

We only present one candidate to the client and recommend that they be interviewed. Based on the above criteria, this is a candidate that we would hire ourselves if we were in the client’s position. At this point, the hiring committee or board, have the package in advance of the interview and can shape their questions appropriately. Also, the client is usually looking to see if the personalities mesh and are also selling the potential candidate on the club.

If a client hires us to assist them, then we are not doing our job if we present multiple candidates to be interviewed. Anyone can do that. Our job is to do the work for the client and present them with a candidate that meets all the previously established criteria. Our questionnaire is proprietary and is the key

to the hiring process. If the client knows of a candidate that is interested in the position, the candidate should be referred to us for evaluation. As stated before, the cost of a mis-hire is absolutely devastating and can take years from which to recover. Our job is to help insure that our client’s have the best opportunity for success.

Diamond Club Services Executive Summary
“A New Revenue Sharing Opportunity for Country Clubs”

Diamond Club Services has created a new source of revenue for country clubs from a service that members are currently utilizing outside the club’s environs. Our service is easy to implement and requires little to no attention from club management.

Difficult economic times, combined with new upscale daily fee courses and more trendy restaurants have forced country club General Managers, and corporations that own country clubs to deal with declining revenues that according to PCA surveys (over the past three years) have produced:

Members are looking for quality service offerings from their club, and have historically been able and willing to pay for these services. General Managers have been challenged with balancing the desire to offer new service offerings to their members, while controlling expenses and maintaining or improving their bottom line. This has been especially challenging in the economic climate that has existed over the last three years.

Diamond Club Services has developed a new service for country clubs that will serve members of all ages and generate positive cash flow for the club.

By installing a space efficient touchless car wash on the grounds of private equity country clubs, and employing the Diamond Club Services system process, members will be able to get their car(s) cleaned without waiting on long lines at public car washes. In addition to sharing in the margin generated from this operation, Country Clubs may also realize increased revenues from other revenue generating services offered at the club.

The usage of the car wash will be restricted to the member community and member’s guests. The value proposition of having its own car wash will mean that country club members will not have to wait in long commercial car wash lines in order to have their vehicles cleaned. This will provide both an important service to the member community and generate marginal revenue (before tax profit) for the country club.

Diamond Club Services will install a touchless car wash system manufactured by one of the leading domestic car wash system manufacturers. The building that will house the car wash system will have an exterior façade that blends with the motif of the current clubhouse and will be provided by one of the leading building systems manufacturers in the U.S.

Services Rendered
During hours of operation with a valet on duty, the car will be washed in a state of the art car wash system. The wash system operates in a touchless mode, (without brushes or cloths) both of which can damage the finish on a car. The interior of the car will be vacuumed, and the windows will be cleaned as well (both inside and out).

Operation outside of valet hours will include an exterior wash of the car, and an optional vacuum, that the car’s owner would operate.

Cashless System
The wash system will operate seven days a week. Valet service will be in use on weekends, holidays, or special event days. On all other days, members will be able to directly utilize the wash system. Whether there is a valet on duty or not, the wash system will operate without the exchange of cash at the time of the transaction. Diamond Club Services has incorporated into its system, a piece of equipment that will track usage by member (and by car). That information will be fed into the clubs billing system, and members will be billed for this service on a monthly basis.

Diamond Club Services has developed the operational scenario for the car wash system. We recognize that this operation scenario may need to be modified from club to club because of varying conditions. If this is necessary, Diamond Club Services will work in conjunction with club management to refine the process for that club. Factors that may impact the operational scenario are: desired service level requirements, traffic through the wash system, hours of operation, valet usage and frequency of such usage and finally, member satisfaction.
Valet Service

The Diamond Club Services system will utilize valets on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), holidays and special event days. However, depending upon member wishes and club management requirements, the valets can be employed over a wider duration of time.
Permits & Variances

Prior to construction, the country club will need to acquire the necessary permits and variances required by the local municipality. Diamond Club Services will support the club as it goes through this process. However, it will be incumbent upon the club to make application, as Diamond Club Services is prevented from doing this by local ordnance.

There are a few different scenarios whereby a club (or a corporation) can enter into an agreement with Diamond Club Services. Diamond Club Services will be happy to discuss these in detail with you after initial conversations have taken place.

Diamond Club Services has developed a way for club members to keep their cars clean, while they enjoy the benefits of their country club. Country clubs benefit from the Diamond Club Services solution in multiple ways. Among these are:

Our goal at Diamond Club Services is to be the world-class carwash solution to the Country Club market-space by providing quality, reliability and convenience to the Club and its members. We look forward to discussing this opportunity with you at your earliest convenience.

HRGI Executive Search Division

We are pleased to introduce the newest division of The Hospitality Resource Group International, our Executive Search Division. The Hospitality Resource Group International provides a wide array of consulting services to the private club industry and recognizes that clubs face significant challenges with regard to hiring top quality senior level management. Statistics show that 50% of hires are mis-hires, placing enormous pressure on club decision makers.

Our firm has outstanding contacts in the club industry, allowing us to identify all levels of management personnel including General Managers, Executive Chefs and Food and Beverage Managers. Review information about our Chef Assist program by visiting the pages index on the right table, under the heading HRGI Chef Assist Program.

Each of our candidates is highly respected in the industry and range from leaders of high profile clubs to “up and comers” looking for that next opportunity. We recognize that you can conduct your own search, yet our experience shows that it is costly, time consuming, and, with all due respect, decisions are made by those with little experience in the club industry.

Our senior level staff have all been owners and operators of private country clubs. One of our vice-presidents, Jo Lyn Lockley, has successfully owned one of the country’s oldest and most respected professional chef placement agencies.

Don’t leave these critical decisions to chance. There are other firms that also provide this service and have been established longer than we have. Our firm deals in people, not paper. We bend over backwards to provide you with the best candidates available and, should, for any reason, one of our candidates not meet your expectations, we will provide other candidates for your selection, at no additional fee.

Please give us the opportunity to discuss with you, in person, how we can assist you and your club in making the important decisions that will affect the future of your club for years to come.


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Executive Search Process

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