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UpdatesContinually working to help businesses in the hospitality industry generate revenue.

Executive Search Process

HRGI taps into its nationwide network industry winners to help clubs find top executives and world class chefs -- Click here to find out more about the HRGI Executive Search Division

Disability article, written by Teresa E. Lowen

Overcoming the Odds, written by Marcia Bradley, President, Hotel Division, The Hospitality Resource Group International

Palm Beach County country clubs add amenities to woo Baby Boomers, written by Paola Iuspa-Abbott, South Florida Sun-Sentinel 2/26/07

Family - Friendly is Par for the Course
, written by Joe Gardyasz, Senior Staff, Des Moines Business Record 10/24/05

Finding and Keeping Qualified People
written by Richard C. Day, Chairman and CEO of The Hospitality Resource Group International

Each of our divisions provide consulting programs uniquely designed for the area of the industry on which they focus. For information on the specialized services we can provide your company select the appropriate division below.

Executive Search Division

Food & Beverage Division

Hotel & Resort Division

HRGI provides a wide variety of services to help clubs hire top quality senior level management. Statistics show that 50% of hires are mis-hires, placing enormous pressure on club decision makers.

HRGI helps its food and beverage clients improve customer service and control costs to ultimately increase revenues.

Increasing revenues of a hotel/resort operation means increasing guest bookings, length of stays, and guest purchases of additional services. Accomplishing this requires.

Private Club Division

Retail Division

Wold Class Training

The ultimate goal of any forward looking business is to increase revenues. Accomplishing this in the private club industry means the realization of three objectives.

Customer Service is the key to the success of any retail business. It is often the deciding factor as to where a consumer will choose to shop. Considering the unlimited choices offered in today's competitive environment, the importance of customer service cannot be overstated.

We work with start-ups, clients wishing to grow their markets, clients needing to analyze existing operations and we can also provide world class training.