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Introduction: Increase Retail Sales with Superior Customer Servicentroduction: Increasing Food and Beverage Operation Revenues

Customer Service is the key to the success of any retail business. It is often the deciding factor as to where a consumer will choose to shop. Considering the unlimited choices offered in today's competitive environment, the importance of customer service cannot be overstated.

If a store's goal is to increase sales, the retail staff must insure customers are provided with helpful friendly service . This type of service earns the trust of customers and makes it more likely that they will make future purchases.

HRGI specializes in training front-line staff and providing consulting support to upper level management for the express purpose of building superior customer service operations. We do this through our three key services discussed in the following sections.

Contact us to find out how we can specifically help your retail store improve customer service. ....................................................................................................................

Contact us to find out how we can specifically help your retail store improve customer service.

Section 2
Finding out the status of your customer service operation HRGI Evaluation and Analysis

The first step in improving a customer service operation, is the HRGI Evaluation and Analysis. Through this service we report an in-depth evaluation and analysis on the status of a retail store's customer service operation, identifying the areas that need improvement.

To do this, we evaluate how employees interact with customers in terms of attitude, sales techniques, and dedication. Additionally, we employ the "secret shopper" technique where we send members of our team undercover posing as everyday shoppers.

In the report, we also discuss specific training solutions to help make the recognized improvements. See our next two sections for information on how we can also implement this training.

Section 3
The "Art of Delivering Superior Customer Service"

Based on the Customer Service Evaluation and Analysis, we design and implement a customized training program.

Our training programs are designed so that a staff is not just familiar with the training but can actively implement what they learn. We accomplish this by educating employees as to how, and why, quality friendly service is beneficial to their own individual interests.

In addition to training employees, we can help management maintain the standards of customer service we establish. See our next section for details.

Section 4
Management Consulting on its Role in maintaining a "service oriented culture".

The role of management in the success of a customer service training program is essential.

80% of in-house customer service training programs fail in the first year. This is almost always because management is unable to follow through with the demands of the training program.

Most employees cannot maintain high standards of customer service on their own. HRGI helps management keep employees focused in this respect. We make sure management is fully oriented with the model we put in place, and provide ongoing consultations as how to keep it in place.

One of the ways we do this is by helping establish evaluation and incentive programs for the use of management. In addition to that, we help management establish a hiring process that seeks out employees who are naturally oriented to providing friendly service.

Section 5
Additional Services:

Promotional Photography:
We can provide professional images of your property for brochures and other promotional circumstances.

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