Section 1
Introduction: Increasing Hotel/Resort Revenues

Increasing revenues of a hotel/resort operation means increasing guest bookings, length of stays, and guest purchases of additional services. Accomplishing this requires an establishment to make key investments in service improvements and enhancements. Additionally, it is important that a marketing strategy is designed and implemented to book more guests so that benefits from these investments are maximized.

Doing this involves several levels of research, analysis, and implementation for which we provide a complete set of consulting services..

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Section 2
Optimizing Hotel/Resort Performance: Operational Audit and Analysis

We evaluate the entire resort/hotel or individual elements (i.e. food and beverage, recreational facilities, retail) and then provide you with a report on how service, capital spending, and employee productivity can be optimized.

Below is a description of what aspects we focus on during our audit and analysis for the most common hotel/resort elements.

Food and Beverage Audit and Analysis (Restaurant/Bars)
Hotels/Resorts often have a variety of food and beverage outlets. They are in place in many respects for the convenience of guests, rather than for the purposes of profit. For this reason, it is important to make sure the staff is performing its function of providing friendly customer service, positively adding to the guest's overall experience. HRGI evaluates and analyzes the customer service operations of all the food and beverage outlets. Then we propose training solutions to make improvements. We can also implement the training, as discussed in the next section.

Often hotel/resorts may have food and beverage outlets that are resulting in avoidable losses. To reduce losses we audit and analyze inventory control systems and labor usage. Based on our audit and analysis we help implement cost saving strategies.

Retail Store
Hotel/Resort retail stores also function for the guest experience and less for the express purpose of profit. In our audit and analysis of the retail store, similar to the type we conduct for restaurants and bars, we evaluate customer service operations, purchasing processes, and cost controls.

Recreational Facilities
Facilities heavily used must be functional and appear to be in the best possible condition so that guests are satisfied. Our audit and analysis of the recreational facilities includes fitness centers, pools, tennis courts and other scimitar entities in terms of functionality, appearance, and usage.

Overall Evaluation and Analysis with Respect to the Customer Experience
The importance of an entire hotel/resort staff providing courteous helpful service is a key point that cannot be overemphasized. We work with our clients so that we can provide a thorough evaluation and analysis of the employees that have direct contact with guests. We report these results to our clients and propose customer training solutions to improve customer service.

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Section 3
"The Art of Delivering Superior Customer Service": HRGI Staff Training

Based on our evaluation and analysis, we implement a customized training program. We provide employees with appropriate training to make the recognized improvements.

Our training programs are designed so that a staff is not just familiar with a program, but can actively implement what they learn. We accomplish this by educating employees on not just how to provide outstanding customer service but why it is beneficial to their own individual interests.

In addition to training employees we can help management maintain the standard of customer service we establish, as discussed below.

The role of management in the success of a customer service training program is essential.

80% of in-house customer service training programs fail in the first year. This is almost always because management was unable to follow through with the demands of the training program.

Most employees cannot maintain high standards of customer service on their own. We help management keep employees focused in this respect. We make sure management is fully oriented with the model we put in place, and provide ongoing consultations as how to keep it in place.

One of the ways we do this is by helping establish evaluation and incentive programs that management implements.

In addition to that, we help management implement a hiring process that seeks out employees who are naturally oriented to providing friendly service to your guests.

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Section 4
Keeping Rooms Filled: Hotel/Resort Marketing and Promotion

Keeping rooms filled often means actively promoting a hotel/resort. HRGI designs effective promotion campaigns specific to each of our client's location and guest demographics.

We are fully equipped to meet our clients' marketing needs. Principals of the Hospitality Resource Group International have developed and implemented successful programs nationally and internationally, for a number of fortune 500 companies such as Hilton, Sheraton and Los Monteros. We have developed programs in conjunction with such events as the Olympics Games, the Super Bowl, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open, just to name a few.

HRGI also offers Events Planning, Promotional Photography, and Technology System services to the industry as discussed in the next section.

Section 5
Additional HRGI Hotel Resort Services

Hotel Events Planning
If your property is seeking to host a significant event, principals of the Hospitality Resource Group International have developed and implemented successful programs nationally and internationally, for a number of fortune 500 companies in a variety of disciplines and have developed programs in conjunction with such events as the Olympics Games, the Super Bowl, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open, just to name a few.

Promotional Photography
We can provide professional images of your property for brochures and other promotional circumstances.

Hotel/Resort Technology Systems (Hardware, Software, Training)
If a hotel/resort has a need to update its computer system, we have already researched virtually every system offered in the industry, and while there are many that provide similar product, we found the one which we feel is the most comprehensive and the best value, obtaining for our clients a 20% discount.

Executive Summary

The HRG Hotel Division includes a consortium of over fifty hospitality experts representing all segments of the hotel, meeting, convention, travel and tourism industry. Acclaimed experience as industry leaders and innovators, their achievements have contributed to the profitable success in the top 10% of hospitality organizations globally. Quality hospitality and service excellence quotient analyses from all perspectives examine the infrastructure, systems, processes and policies prior to proposal development. One or more HRG executives initiate prospective client selection utilizing Quality Standards and Measurement tools and resources. Extensive research, conducted by the HRG consortium, identifies criterion for success and profitability of potential projects. This criterion is undisputable based on the systems, processes and policies of the leading hospitality corporations with consistent performance over multiple preceding decades.

Our business, meeting, convention, travel and tourism experts provide the essential proposition for client selection by HRG-Hotel Division due to their extensive orientation, research, data and experience with premier hospitality providers and suppliers.

Hotel Division

The HRG-Hotel Division acclaimed experts acquired national and international credentials for their achievements within renowned:


The HRG Hotel Division offers unique services beyond market studies, analysis and valuation services. The expertise our associates possess spans all real estate and consulting needs within the hospitality industry. Recognized global brands, industry associations, publications, institutions and alliance partners access our global resources and associates as futuristic hospitality authorities.

HRG Hotel Division Marketing

The strategic development of the marketing program, budget, timeline and calendar includes resources established since 1982 throughout the hospitality trade associations, publications, agencies, institutions, client alliance partnerships and marketing strategies developed by Marcia Bradley. Utilizing all resources for public relations, publicity, promotion and marketing, include trade show presentations, editorials, client/project selection & publicity agreements and government contracts.


Section 6
Services Provided Directly by the Hospitality Resource Group International

Section 7
Services Offered Through HRGI Affiliates

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