HRGI, Inc. expands, globally, to the Asia/Pacific Region
HRGI, Inc’s. global expansion continues with the appointment of Mr. Joseph Toh as President of the newly created Asia/Pacific Division. Mr. Toh is a veteran professional with a wealth of over 30 years experience in the hospitality industry across the Asia/Pacific Region. An MBA holder majoring in International Marketing, he is a well known individual in the hotel and travel industry, highly regarded and respected for his creative marketing savvy and innovative management style. Mr. Toh will be representing HRGI, Inc’s., wide array of services tapping into the rapidly growing hospitality industry in mainland China and other Asian venues.

New HRGI, Inc. complimentary Powerpoint presentation
HRGI, Inc has a newly created Powerpoint presentation introducing the firm’s philosophy, services, key executives and contact information. It can be obtained via email or complimentary hard copy disc and is available immediately upon request.

Richard Flandreau, new President of HRGI, Inc’s., Private Club Division

Richard C. Day, Chairman & CEO of HRGI, Inc., is pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Flandreau, one of the firm’s founding Principals, to the position of President of HRGI, Inc’s., Private Club Division. His broad based Club experience, as well as his special interest in turn-around and under performing situations provides our clientele with invaluable insight and knowledge. Improving operating efficiencies and controlling costs are Richard’s strengths and are highly sought after skills in today’s challenging economic climate. In addition to this oversight of the Private Club Division, Richard will work on special projects.

Heinz Hofmann joins HRGI, Inc. as Director of Special Projects
HRGI, Inc., is pleased to announce that Heinz Hofmann, a 49 year hospitality veteran, has joined the firm as Director of Special Projects. Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, his career has taken him all over the world in senior level management positions. Heinz’s most recent project involved oversight and project management of a 25.7 million dollar renovation where he delivered the project on time and under budget. Heinz is also a 30 year Member of the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, the world’s oldest, by invitation only, gastronomic society and holds the rank of Bailli Provincial (Regional President and Officier Commandeur. Heinz is fluent in 4 languages – English, French, Italian and German. Heinz will be working throughout the entire HRGI, Inc. portfolio of initiatives as a senior level consultant and we welcome him as a new and valuable resource for our clientele.

Richmond County Country Club hires HRGI, Inc. for Survey and Operational Audit
HRGI, Inc. recently completed a comprehensive Membership Survey and Club wide Operational Audit for the Richmond County Country Club on Staten Island, N.Y. With the increased challenges facing the club industry, initiatives such as those undertaken by RCCC are becoming increasingly common. Club’s today, can no longer operate in the traditional sense. Today’s club managers and decision makers all realize that in order to retain existing Members, while recruiting new Members, you need as much information as you can obtain in order to be successful.

The Hospitality Resource Group International adds Woodland Hills CC, Cedarbrook CC, Ironhorse CC, and Mariner Sands CC, to its list of Clients, 2006
The Clubs referenced above, contracted, recently, with HRGI to perform a variety of services, including Operational Audits, Membership Surveys, Strategic Planning and Executive Search. We wanted to mention Executive Search, because we are providing this service somewhat reluctantly. It is our opinion that these services are not, currently, being well performed by some in the industry. When the average tenure of a General Manager/Chief Operating Officer is 2.7 years, something is not right. Additionally, there is data that supports the fact that 50% of hires are mis-hires and the cost of a mis-hire is staggering. Therefore, we are providing this assistance to our Clients, when asked, and have developed a proprietary, comprehensive questionnaire for candidates, that one referred to as "a dissertation" on club management. The point is, as former owners and operators of private clubs, we felt there needed to be someone providing a true service as opposed to recycling resumes. We look forward to continuing to provide our Clients with exceptional service and consulting expertise as our whole industry faces significant challenges in the future.

The Hospitality Resource Group International goes International, Spring 2005
To reflect the expanding global economy and our recent collaboration with Ernst & Young (Singapore), we have developed an International department. Assisting Ernst & Young with a singularly large project, involving one of Asia’s most prominent private clubs, has broadened our capabilities and expertise in a significant manner. As such, we are now capable of extending our services anywhere in the world to assist private clubs or other hospitality clients. Our International department, reflects our commitment and recognition as one of the fastest growing hospitality consulting firms in the industry.

HRGI offers Food Service Policies and Procedures Manual to Clients, Spring 2005
For any of our clients seeking comprehensive written policies covering virtually every area of food service operations, this manual will be indispensable. By investing $595.00, you will be rewarded many, many times over with improved operational and financial performance. Contact us for ordering information.

NHLC Catering, Inc. selects HRGI to conduct an Operational Audit and prepare a Food Service Policies and Procedures Manual, Winter 2004
NHLC Catering, Inc. provides one of the finest culinary programs in the country, in conjunction with the New Haven Lawn Club, located in New Haven, Connecticut. It serves both the club Members and the community, home to Yale University. The Operational Audit, objectively, helped identify areas of improvement that could positively impact operations. The Food and Beverage Policies and Procedures Manual is a great tool for having written guidelines for existing and future staff.

Paris Golf & Country Club selected HRGI to conduct a Board Orientation on industry trends and to conduct a full club, comprehensive, Operational Audit, Winter, 2004
The Paris Golf & Country Club selected HRGI to help identify industry trends with respect to future planning and to conduct a comprehensive Operational Audit. The Audit helped identify operational opportunities to improve their performance and financial capabilities.

HRGI launches new Executive Search Division, Spring 2004
There is astonishing data to support that 50% of hires are mis-hires. The hospitality industry contributes significantly to that statistic. Reacting to numerous requests for assistance in helping find qualified executive personnel, The Hospitality Resource Group International has responded by creating a Division to focus on this challenging problem. The enormous costs associated with soliciting and reviewing resumes, coupled with dealing with the fallout of a mis-hire, have prompted us to provide this service to our hospitality clients. We are not approaching this task in a cookie-cutter manner. Clients will be provided with carefully screened and selected candidates that will match the skills and personality of the position. Help eliminate costly mistakes. Please contact us for assistance.

Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio, chooses HRGI for Membership Survey and Assistant Manager Search Assistance, Spring 2004
The Prestigious Scioto Country Club in Columbus, Ohio, the boyhood home of legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, and home to many prestigious events, chose The Hospitality Resource Group International to provide tabulation and analysis assistance on a survey of its Membership. Additionally, our newly created Executive Search Division helped find a successful candidate for the critically important Assistant Manager/Food and Beverage Director position. This person is an integral part of General Manager Tim Hayes’s staff and we were proud to assist both him and the Scioto Country Club.

The Landings Yacht, Golf & Tennis Club in Naples, Florida chooses HRGI for development and analysis of a comprehensive Membership Survey, Spring 2004
The Landings Yacht, Golf & Tennis Club, a bundled community located in Naples, Florida, with a Membership of over 1100 Members, was facing several decisions that would greatly impact how they would approach current and future initiatives. The Club had not conducted a comprehensive Membership Survey in quite some time, so in order to help their planning committee determine what would be supported in a long-range plan, it was necessary to determine the feelings of the current Membership. The information that was gathered, both in the raw data and the Member comments, significantly assisted the planning committee in performing its duties.

HRGI will introduce an exciting new food and beverage program, Spring 2003
The Hospitality Resource Group International plans to offer its clients a comprehensive food and beverage training program to begin in the Spring of 2003. It is a two dimensional approach to helping clubs with front and back-of-the-house challenges. Our "Chef Assist" program will provide a highly qualified Executive Chef to work on-site, with your existing Chef, for three days, and one of our senior food and beverage executives to simultaneously work with the front of the house on service and training issues. This exciting new program will provide our clients with solutions to situations that members feel is the area of a club that has the most problems. Call us to reserve dates for this exciting new program.

Country Club at DC Ranch, Winter 2003
The Country Club at DC Ranch, one of the country's most prestigious new clubs, located in Scottsdale, Arizona, chose The Hospitality Resource Group International to conduct a comprehensive membership survey. The Country Club at DC Ranch is in the portfolio of DMB Golf and includes among its members former British Open Champion, Tom Lehman.

HRGI to launch new educational seminars, Fall of 2002
To members of Chambers of Commerce on how to develop a better customer service culture and how to manage change.

New Seabury Resort & Conference Center Chooses HRGI, Spring 2002
The New Seabury Resort & Conference Center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts has chosen The Hospitality Resource Group International to perform a Food & Beverage Operational Audit and a comprehensive Membership Survey. This 2300 acre property has a 45,000 square foot clubhouse, several dining outlets, two golf courses and is owned by financier Carl Icahn. They do $7,000,000 in food and beverage sales.

Forest Lake Club Chooses HRGI, Spring 2002
The Forest Lake Club in Columbia, South Carolina has chosen The Hospitality Resource Group International to assist in the preparation and tabulation of a Membership Food and Beverage Survey.

Harlingen CC Chooses HRGI, Fall 2001
The Harlingen Country Club in Harlingen, Texas has chosen The Hospitality Resource Group International to conduct a comprehensive Membership Survey and a 5 year Strategic Plan. In addition, HRGI is providing training to front line staff. HRGI has also recommended two of its affiliates to assist Harlingen in other areas of need, membership marketing and renovations. HRGI clients benefit through services provided directly by HRGI and its network of affiliates who are recognized experts in the hospitality industry.


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